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Old Mill Wedding Chapel offers options for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Regardless of which you choose, your day will start in our exquisite dressing room. This is a space that makes you feel as though you're floating in the clouds. With plenty of mirrors and chandeliers, the bride and the camera love this room. The staff is nearby to ensure everything's perfect for your special day.

inside old mill wedding chapel



The Old Mill Wedding Chapel is a gorgeous facility, and the chapel area beautifully decorated. After entering through the double doors, you will make your way down the aisle. Your beloved will await your arrival at the altar. The scene is completed with various candelabras adorning the altar, their fire-light flickering softly, and setting the tone of intimacy for the most important ceremony of your life.



There is no stress when you plan an outdoor wedding with The Old Mill Wedding Chapel. If the unthinkable happens and Mother Nature chooses to crash the party, we will have our indoor chapel ready and standing by! The outdoor garden has many unique features including a stream with an arched walkover bridge and natural vistas perfect as the backdrop for your wedding photos. If you prefer an evening ceremony, never fear! The fall of darkness brings the landscape lighting throughout the property to life, illuminating the area for you and your guests. Old Mill Wedding Chapel is the perfect place to have your outdoor wedding.